Study Awards for Staff Upgrading

SkillsFuture Study Award

Enhance your employees' capabilities and productivity

Skillsfuture Study Award scheme, initiated by ESG, was introduced to develop and strengthen employees’ skills in Singapore’s growth cluster.

This scheme is also considered as one of the different resources to help employers meet their training needs.

Training isn’t just important to employers, it is vital. The first and foremost benefit that both employers and employees will realise in training is that employees develop skill-sets that allow them to take up a greater variety of work.

The recipients of SkillsFuture Study Award will receive a monetary award of up to $5,000. Employers who wish to send their staff for training under this SkillsFuture Study Award scheme should nominate the employees, provide the details of nominee’s work performance, and also explain how the course of study will help the nominee fulfill the current and future job requirements.

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